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27 Mar 2013

David Carter - Asshole of the Week

Today, the Speaker of the House, David Carter, made a complete fool of himself by allowing the Prime Minister to personally insult another member of parliament with relative impunity.

This continues the incorrect and biased nature of Carter's oversight whereby parliamentary proceedings, especially in question time, have become a complete farce.

Carter has now ruled against standing orders on many occasions to allow National MPs to continue treating important questions from the opposition as a joke.

Here's today's abhorrent display:

Grant Robertson: What role if any did he play in recommending the appointment of Ian Fletcher to GCSB?

John Key: Mr. Speaker his appointment was made by the State Services Commissioner but if the member is trying to ah make some other allegation yes I knew Ian Fletcher, I went to school with his brother. His brother was way brighter than Grant Robertson, I tell you what.

David Carter: And that answer does not assist the order of the house.

Trevor Mallard: Mr Speaker, six times yesterday you ruled against the Prime Minister for making comments which were out of order, at least. Mr Speaker earlier when the Right Honourable Winston Peters made an out of order comment he was required to withdraw. You have never done that to the Prime Minister, and I just want to know if it's going to be even both ways?

David Carter: Speaking to the point of order the Right Honourable John Key.

John Key: I can't be expected to withdraw that Grant Robertson isn't as bright as Alister Fletcher he's not.

The house then fell into a shambles whereby the speaker fumbled along stumbling over words and contradicting himself on numerous occasions. The idiot then proceeded to kick Trevor Mallard and Chris Hipkins out, who were both rightly indignant about David Carter's ineptitude.

Throughout the furore, John Key wasn't required to properly answer Grant Robertson's question, which judging by the Prime Ministers response clearly hit the spot. It's pretty obvious to all and sundry that John Key did know about the GCSB's illegal spying, and like Bill English has tried to cover it up.

In my opinion, the PM would've likely been informed about GCSB's criminal activity at one of several briefings with Ian Fletcher prior to it becoming public knowledge. They subsequently lied about the extent of Keys knowledge in order to save face. Trying to protect brand Key appears to be more important than adhering to any type of ethical standards.

Again, the Speaker of the House who is meant to be impartial in such matters, has allowed the Prime Minister to weasel his way out of a direct line of questioning concerning his portfolio, the brevity of which John Key and his fellow ministers have shown complete disregard for.

Here's the video:

Shameful! It's pretty self evident as to why David Carter has won this week's Asshole Award... He's an entirely ineffective, incompetent and biased speaker who allows government MPs to bring the house into disrepute through disrespectful answers, if he requires them to give any answer at all.

Under David Carter's so-called stewardship there's no accountability for the numerous instances of government incompetence and questionable conduct... In fact I've seen more decorum in a school playground.