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31 Jan 2013

Hekia Parata - Asshole of the Week

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Education Minister Hekia Parata has been blasted for calling it "karma" that staff in her own ministry had not been paid, as she faced more controversy on her first day back.

Ms Parata, who survived a Cabinet reshuffle last week, was asked on her way into Parliament yesterday if she had been briefed on Education Ministry staff not being paid today,

"Yeah, karma eh," she replied.

This is no bloody joke! People are going without an income, which can have serious consequences especially for those on tight budgets. How exactly does Parata think teacher's are maintaining themselves, servicing bills and paying rent when there's no consistency with their incomes?

Novapay is an indictment on just how inept the National government under John Key's "leadership" has become. Not only did National Minister's ignore advise that Novopay wasn't up to scratch in the first place, they've been entirely remiss in fixing the problem, a problem they've known about for a very long time.

The Public Service Association national secretary, Brenda Pilott, slammed Ms Parata for her response, saying ministry staff had worked hard to try to solve Novopay issues.

"The minister should not be making such flippant remarks about ministry staff which, at the same time, seem to make light of the whole Novopay debacle," Ms Pilott said.

"The fact is there are many ministry staff who have been working very hard to try and pick up the pieces and help fix the Novopay problems.

"For their minister to then turn around and joke about the fact they themselves haven't been paid is pretty unacceptable.

"What would be real karma is for Hekia Parata not to be paid."

I bet Parata would jump into action if it was her considerable pay packet that was being messed with.

As Minister of Education, Parata is directly responsible for the continued incompetence in regard to the Novopay debacle. She should do the right thing and resign forthwith, because her flippancy and continued blundering clearly displays a lack of concern, a lack of concern because she obviously doesn't give a damn.

Despite the Novopay Governance Board member, Leanne Gibson, promising over a month ago that Novopay would be sorted in two weeks time, the extensive problems don't look likely to be fixed under the current administration anytime soon.

So for her continued mismanagement, incompetence and now obvious disregard, Hekia Parata wins this week's asshole award. 2014 is too long to wait for the opportunity to vote her out.