Bob Jones loses the plot | The Jackal

22 Jan 2013

Bob Jones loses the plot

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

The owner of that gabbling voice ought to be publicly burnt at the stake, an event which would draw tens of thousands of TV viewers seeking compensatory revenge for their suffering, and it would be only fair if Mr Kenneth was allowed the honour of lighting the faggots, notwithstanding that such an entitlement could yield tens of thousands of dollars to charity if auctioned off.

Actually, to make it a decent day's outing, the chairman, directors and management of Harvey Norman should also be put to the flame, which considering the horror they're inflicting, is letting them off very lightly indeed. Put this moderation down to me getting soft in my old age.

Mind you, if this lot found this prospect upsetting, then out of humanity we could scrub burning them at the stake and substitute beheading - after all, plainly they don't need their heads.

Bob Jones has obviously lost the plot. Not only should the Herald get rid of the senile old fool, he should probably be locked up in a dementia ward where he can't peddle his particular brand of insanity.

Of course nobody likes the Harvey Norman adds, but to say that the voiceover guy should be 'burnt at the stake' and the 'management should also be put to the flame' or beheaded is entirely repugnant!

Such an article shows that Jones is a psychopath, and therefore should have no place writing for our main newspaper.

Although everyone has the right to freedom of expression, there are limits. Clearly the befuddled Bob Jones' article is yet another breach of New Zealand law which states:

306 Threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm

(1) Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who—
(a) threatens to kill or do grievous bodily harm to any person; or
(b) sends or causes to be received, knowing the contents thereof, any letter or writing containing any threat to kill or do grievous bodily harm to any person.

Of course the Police won't bother to uphold the letter of the law, because Jones is in the old boys club... More commonly known as the mafia in other countries.