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6 Dec 2012

Russel Norman - Hero of the Week

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

As Norman tells it, that shows the local banks are "strip-mining the economy", making profits that are way above average and sending them offshore.

"No one wants bankrupt banks but if they were doing averagely well that would be great. To say that the banks have to be the most profitable on the entire planet to be successful is going a bit far," he said on Radio NZ.

It's no wonder some in the financial sector are up in arms, being that Russel Norman is telling it like it is. Banks have been making an excessive profit from New Zealander's love affair with housing, and most of that profit leaves our shores never to be seen again.

The reason there's such a backlash to what Dr Norman is saying is because he's correct, and the government should indeed act to reduce the damage foreign owned banks cause our economy.

Thankfully New Zealand has a hero in the form of Australian born Russel Norman who is willing to raise his head above the parapit about things that matter...

Speaking of things that really matter, Dr Norman might not raise the issue of climate change in every speech he makes, but when he does he's most compelling in his argument.

Here's a five minute speech about the Climate Change (New Zealand Superannuation Fund) Amendment Bill (PDF) from yesterday's debate:

There’s no question that Dr Norman articulates himself well and is as dedicated as they come to a future government that will reduce GHG emissions to protect our environment. In fact his ability in the house to show National up for their environmental failures is second to none.

Yesterday, Stuff reported that Russel Norman was the first politician to table a tweet in the house of representatives, a tweet written by the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, who wrote:

None of the dimwitted National MPs were aware enough to object either, which is most amusing. Perhaps they were too occupied with rubbishing Dr Normans interest in holding the Financial Portfolio after the next election. Despite their childish attempts at humour, most people find Russel's attitude refreshing in an all too stagnant political arena, a political arena that the Greens are effectively challenging with new ideas.

Russel Norman is as sharp as a tack and quick to respond to any gibes with well aimed rebuttals. In fact his political nouse has been recognized by left and right wing commentators alike, with regular praise coming from Duncan Garner, Fran O'Sullivan and Cameron Slater just to mention a few unlikely fans of the good Doctor's prowess as a politician.

Thanks to the stewardship of the Green party co-leader Russel Norman, I think the Greens will be successful in their quest to implement climate change legislation in the next left wing government to ensure New Zealand once again leads the world on environmental issues.

So for leading the charge on such issues and being an inspiring leader, Russel Norman wins this weeks Hero Award... Well done mate.