Incompetent or deceitful PM | The Jackal

3 Oct 2012

Incompetent or deceitful PM

Today, Stuff reported:

A review of Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) files has revealed Prime Minster John Key was told about the spy agency's role in the Kim Dotcom case in February.

Until now, Key has insisted he wasn't told until September 17 - when he was briefed about illegal snooping by the agency. He can't remember the reference in February but accepts it took place.

Three more cases of possible illegal spying have also been identified.

Oh dear! That means John Key misled the House of Representatives... Again! In my opinion, if Key isn't competent enough to remember being told about the GCSB spying on Kim Dotcom, he's not competent enough to be Prime Minister. It's as simple as that.

Mind you, Key was pretty emphatic that he wasn't informed, which makes me wonder if he's trying to distance himself from the fiasco. In other words he lied on purpose to cover his own arse... What a schmuck!