Crisis, what crisis? | The Jackal

12 Oct 2012

Crisis, what crisis?

Today, Stuff reported:

New orders for manufacturers are dropping away according to a new survey, which the Green Party says makes a mockery of Prime Minister John Key's claim there is no “crisis” in the sector.

In the second weak report on manufacturing this week, new orders are at their lowest levels since 2009 according to a Business New Zealand survey, which came on the eve of a union-hosted meeting about the alleged crisis in the sector today.

Clearly the reason John Key is playing down the crisis is because they have no solutions. The problem is that National subscribes to the laissez faire school of economics, whereby the free-market is left to decide how many jobs are lost in the manufacturing sector.

That outdated economic ideology is what is causing mass redundancies and increasing unemployment throughout New Zealand... It's also causing our economy to stagnate.

We have National's financial mismanagement to thank for the current dysfunction that is causing jobs to be lost. But unfortunately they're too busy ducking for cover to focus on the task of fixing things. National simply don't have their priorities in the right order, and as a consequence, the country is suffering.

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