Farrar loses the plot again | The Jackal

23 Oct 2012

Farrar loses the plot again

Today, Stuff reported:

Labour leader David Shearer said anything which stopped the sale of state-owned assets was a "good thing".

"When you take into consideration the court costs, the consultancy costs, the consultation costs, the amount of money that is going to have to be put aside for possible settlements in the future.

"If you talk to any analyst about what these SOEs are going to be sold for, all of them will tell you they are going to be sold for less than what they were going to be sold for just a few months ago."

Then David Farrar wrote:

So, for example, another massive earthquake which destroyed half the country’s hydro-dams and hence stopped the partial floats, would be a good thing?

I think it shows how unbalanced Labour have got on this issue.

Clearly David Shearer was making reference to today's announcement that the sale of Mighty River Power has again been delayed pending court action by the Maori Council.

Shearer was being reasonable... Unlike the ignoramus David Farrar with his made up fantasyland. Taking something completely out of context in order to besmirch the next Prime Minister is underhanded... It's also easily seen through for the contemptuous spin it is.

The National party propagandist sounds as ridiculous as Bill English when he said the delay wasn't going to affect the sale price and he was looking forward to the hearing. Along with a myriad of other additional costs, this will make the selling of such profitable assets entirely pointless.

That's why I hope the court action is successful. Stoping Nationals financial mismanagement is paramount to ensuring New Zealands long-term economic stability, and being that the pending referendum on the issue is not binding, National is likely to ignore the results.

Such a referendum will of course show that National doesn't have a mandate to sell our assets, because the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders don't want a bar of their detrimental partial privatisation.

How many times has the Fifth National government been before the courts I wonder, and how much has this cost the taxpayer? I guess John Key can just shut down a few more schools and Woman's refuge centres to make up the shortfall. What kind of a brighter future is that?