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21 Apr 2011

These Need Your Moniker

Keep it Kiwi 

New Zealand's state owned assets have immense economic value but John Key's Government might privatise assets such as Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy and Solid Energy if the National Party remains in Government after the 2011 election.
New Zealand owned farmland is also at risk of being bought by foreign investors. Selling off New Zealand owned businesses and land would mean more foreign ownership and less accountability to what's best for New Zealanders. It'd also mean more profits shifting offshore. We say 'Keep it Kiwi'.

Clean Water Rules Now

Many of our rivers and lakes are in a dire state right now. We can't afford to delay any longer, we need clear rules for clean water now.

Stop Asset Sales

National is planning to sell New Zealands state owned assets, including some power companies. This will push up the price of power at a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet. Under Labour there will be no asset sales. And we’ll do more to make sure that the cost of living is kept under control. Can you be part of the campaign by donating a "stop sign"? We're aiming to blanket the country with them, and every extra one helps!

No New Oil and Coal

Greenpeace, and the 230,000 New Zealanders who put their names to our Sign On petition, are calling on the New Zealand Government to reduce NZ’s emissions by 40 per cent by 2020. This is what the science tells us is needed to avoid catastrophic climate change. In order to achieve this, the Government must halt its planned expansion of oil and coal production, and instead join the rest of the world in the Cleantech Revolution. 

ECE Cuts Don’t Heal

NZEI has launched a petition urging the Government to reverse the ECE cuts. An estimated 2500 centres where more than 80% of the staff are qualified will lose funding incentives. Many say they will have to increase fees to parents or else reduce staff numbers. John Key says we need these cuts to save Government funds. To put it in perspective for you, these cuts of about $260 million to early childhood funding will build about 6 kilometres of the Puhoi to Wellsford highway.

SAFE: Say No to Cage Eggs

We have the power to determine the fate of three million battery hens. We have an opportunity to ban cruel cages. The good thing is that all it requires is 30 seconds of your time and a commitment to not buy cage eggs. Please click on the link to pledge your support by signing SAFE’s e-card submission, calling for a ban on battery hen cages. This could be our last chance in 20 years! 
Send a message to the Prime Minister

Action Against Deep Sea Oil

Most of us remember the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as if it were yesterday - but does Prime Minister John Key remember? Send this anniversary e-card to John Key now to remind him and tell the Government not to let Petrobras or any other oil company create a Deepwater Horizon-type oil spill off New Zealand’s coasts.