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7 Apr 2011

John Key - Asshole of the Week Award

Is John Key an idiot or a liar? That is the question one must ask when our supposed leader makes incorrect statements that have no basis in reality. I’m not talking about the supposed 10,000 Christchurch houses that were going to be demolished when Mr Key had no intelligence or the BMW claims of ignorance when Key knew all about them etc... I’m talking about being able to get some basics right like measurements, something that any competent leader should be able to achieve without effort.

If you're not already aware, the recent foreshore and seabed act has allowed overseas companies to undertake extensive drilling of our mineral wealth with little recompense because apparently nobody actually owns those areas. One of the first to jump at the opportunity to pillage our resources is Petrobras, the Worlds second worst Oil company to invest in. It's hungry for a quick buck and this will inevitably result in the company cutting corners and increasing the risk to our environment.

While there is only one safety inspector for the some 59 oil wells in New Zealand waters, Mr Key believes that safety measures are adequate. While it took tens of thousands of ships to try and clean up the Deepwater Horizon spill and we have very limited capability in this area, Mr Key says that Te Whanau a Apanui comparison of the disaster is misleading and that we can deal with any similar incident. While the five-year exploration permit granted to Petrobras allows for wells to be drilled in the Raukumara Basin in depths of 3000 metres of water, the Deepwater Horizon disaster was in 1500 metres of water when it exploded and spewed untold misery onto the wildlife and inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr Key thinks that oil prospecting off the East Cape is manageable and acceptable while Petrobras refuses to pay out billions of dollars on previous oil spill rulings. While the Government says Petrobras is following Department of Conservation (DOC) guidelines, there are no proper guidelines to speak of. While the Government manufactures debt to justify their cuts, privatization and dangerous oil exploration, they waive a carrot that such will make all our lives better… What a load of crap! A private company is going to share their wealth when there is no longer any legal obligation to do so? Yeah right!

So while there will be no secondary oil rig available in case of an "accident" for months afterwards, National thinks that endangering our coasts and ecosystems for a few dollars is a good idea. While the area is known for its tectonic instability, John Key doesn't give this a second thought. While between 1975 – 2001 Petrobras has spilled over 76 million litres of oil and 141 have died as a direct result of Petrobras' safety record, John Key thinks that this is A OK.

But if all that wasn’t bad enough, Key claimed that the Raukumara Basin where Petrobras is currently conducting seismic testing, is not as deep as the location of last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. His exact words were: 

I don't think it’s in nearly as deep as water as what we saw in The Gulf.

Think again prime minister, if you’re capable of doing so. He followed this up with: 

 Any offshore drilling operation there's obviously environmental risks, but New Zealand has proven it can manage those risks.

Really... When have we proven that we can mange an oil spill the size of Deepwater Horizon?

To get something so fundamentally wrong shows that he is not fit to lead this country. So is John Key an idiot or a liar? I’ll let you decide that one. We need to get rid off the smiling assassin before he gets rid of everything we hold dear in this country. In the mean time, Shonkey Honkey is this week’s winner of the asshole award. In fact he gets a bonus idiot/liar award for being chief asshole.