A failure to report on Canada's ethnic cleansing | The Jackal

3 Jul 2021

A failure to report on Canada's ethnic cleansing

You’ve really got to wonder why New Zealand’s main six o'clock news broadcasters, One News and Newshub, aren’t reporting on the shocking revelations that mass graves of indigenous children are being found at numerous sites right across Canada at the moment?

This is an egregious lack of coverage for something as serious as genocide and just goes to show that we’re being badly served by our current mainstream media propagandists.

Instead, we have numerous puff-pieces about how great Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are because they're wasting a few billion dollars to stroke their egos and fly off into outer space.

Perhaps what the TVNZ and Newshub news producers are really saying by failing to report on the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Indigenous children is that their lives simply don’t matter. Or perhaps they just don’t like reporting on the fact that most of these children have been murdered in residential schools run by the Roman Catholic Church.

Their silence looks even more questionable when other news agencies are actually doing their jobs properly.

Yesterday, CNN reported:

182 human remains discovered in unmarked graves near former residential school

A search has revealed 182 human remains in unmarked graves at the site of another residential school in British Columbia.

The Lower Kootenay Band, a member band of the Ktunaxa Nation, has announced that remains were found at the site of the former St. Eugene's Mission School near the city of Cranbrook.

This announcement comes after hundreds of unmarked graves thought to contain the remains of Indigenous children were recently discovered at the sites of two other former boarding schools in Canada and many First Nations communities having called for a halt to Canada Day celebrations Thursday.

"It is believed that the remains of these 182 souls are from the member Bands of the Ktunaxa nation, neighbouring First Nations communities, & the community of aqam," the Lower Kootenay Band said in a statement released Wednesday.

If New Zealand cannot even acknowledge Canada’s persecution, murder and forced assimilation of their Indigenous population, which uprooted an estimated 150,000 Indigenous children from their communities with the sole purpose of getting rid of “the Indian problem”, how exactly are we going to acknowledge past atrocities in our own country?

Approximately 100 Lower Kootenay Band members were required to attend the St. Eugene's Mission School. The residential school was operated by the Roman Catholic Church from 1912 until the early 1970s, the statement said. Indigenous children ages 7 to 15 were mandated by the Canadian government to attend the schools.

It’s little wonder that Churches are being burnt down and statues demolished in Canada at the moment. I mean what would you do if thousands of your people were systematically erased through industrial sized ethnic cleansing programs that were run by the church and sanctioned by the state?

The discovery of human remains at the sites of former residential schools comes as Canadian authorities are investigating multiple fires that destroyed four Catholic churches on Indigenous land in the past week.

They are the latest in a string of recent events affecting the country's Indigenous communities. The churches were destroyed as Canada confronts its history of systemic abuse of Indigenous communities.

Even if there wasn’t any new evidence of mass grave sites in Canada, the fact that numerous churches have been burnt down and statues destroyed not to mention the huge protests about Canadian Day celebrations going ahead in the face of new evidence about these terrible massacres is newsworthy enough.

There has been well over a thousand unmarked graves found so far with another 132 sites of interest yet to be searched. So whatever the reason is for TVNZ and Newshub to keep Kiwis uninformed on this issue, it's clearly entirely unjustified.