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8 Aug 2020

Right wing delusions

National Party leader - Judith Collins
Elections often bring out the best and worst in politicians. Some rise to the occasion and provide us with a clear vision for the future. While others wallow in resentment and controversy, over-relying on attack politics to try to attain the interest of voters.

That’s been the case with the right so far this election campaign. They’ve gone completely negative and done the one thing I advised them not to do, attack the Prime Minister personally.

Clearly being caught up in numerous scandals and having no prospect of actually winning the September election isn’t good for their campaigning mindset. In fact instead of accepting reality, the right wing appear to be entirely delusional!

Take for instance the new leader of the opposition, Judith Collins. She has failed to stop the bleed of support away from the National Party, who fell to only 26.5% in the latest Roy Morgan poll. According to her, anything below 35% for National should mean the leader steps down. Clearly Crusher isn’t going to change that polling trend by campaigning with dirty political tactics and simply announcing more roads either.

Despite the research, which the right wing has continuously dismissed as being inaccurate or rogue polling, the leader of the Act Party, David Seymour, also believes that a centre-right coalition can win the next election.

Earlier this week, the NZ Herald reported:

David Seymour confident a centre-right government can win election 

National may be falling behind in the polls, but Act leader David Seymour is confident that the country will see a centre-right government return to power in September. 
The latest Colmar Brunton poll placed National at 32 per cent, slightly higher than the 25 per cent the Reid Research poll had them on. 
Both polls have shown that Labour could govern alone - with Colmar Brunton putting the government on 53 per cent.

How deluded do you have to be to think that the right wing, which is largely bereft of any new ideas, can somehow regain the support they’ve lost since the last election? I mean even their cheerleaders can see the writing on the wall.

On Wednesday, One News reported:

John Armstrong's opinion: To win, Judith Collins needs to pull off NZ's biggest upset since politics began 

It is quite simple. To win next month’s general election requires Judith Collins do one thing. She has to pull off what arguably would be the biggest election-related upset since the advent of party politics in New Zealand in the 1890s. 
To defeat Jacinda Ardern, Collins effectively has to defeat history. The odds on her doing so range between the minute and the miniscule. 
When it comes to shock results of general elections, upsets are few and far between.

As well as the dire polling, we also have National Party MP's not knowing their arses from their elbows. Former party leader Simon Bridges claimed yesterday that National could do a deal with NZ First, a statement that had to be clawed back by an obviously worn out Crusher Collins. It was a decidedly stupid thing to say, especially being that NZ First isn’t likely to get back into Parliament anyway.

Winston Peters doesn’t believe the scientific polling either, which puts his party in the very boggy swamp with only 1.5% support. Nobody except the most deluded believe that Peters has a chance, especially when you consider the recent wasting of taxpayers money on their mates pet projects. Then there’s the Serious Fraud Office case that will ensure right wing voters with a conscience will look elsewhere for a party to support.

The Labour Party however, despite a few small controversies, has kept their heads above water. This is largely due to the efforts of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who has managed to get New Zealand through the COVID-19 economic crisis as well as achieve some significant improvements despite NZ First being a major handbrake on progress.

Labour is sitting pretty on 53.5% in the latest Roy Morgan poll, and only the most deluded right-wingers believe that the largest centre-left party won't be forming the next Government of New Zealand.