Collins’ husband threatens legal action | The Jackal

11 Aug 2020

Collins’ husband threatens legal action

We should all know by now that Judith Collins, who has openly said she simply doesn’t care if wetlands are destroyed in the pursuit of swamp Kauri, isn’t exactly an environmentalist.

In fact she has promised to roll back most of the small gains made by the Green Party in Government, including reversing the ban on new oil and gas exploration.

But what many Kiwis aren’t aware of is that her husband, David Wong-Tung, is also into destroying New Zealand's once pristine environment for profit.

Today, Newsroom reported:

Wong-Tung threatens to sue Newsroom 

A mining company director demands Newsroom take down a story on rehabilitation conditions agreed with DoC for a former site on conservation land 
National leader Judith Collins' husband is threatening defamation action against Newsroom over a story about a West Coast mine site that the conservation department allowed to be left in a state likened to a "moonscape" by a conservationist. 
David Wong-Tung, a director of the mining company involved, claims the story outlining criticisms of DoC's amendment of site restoration conditions for the Mikonui site, defames him and wants it pulled from and to be given an apology.

The rest of the report generally outlines why the threat of legal action, by a QC no less, isn’t warranted. In fact it’s patently obvious that Wong-Tung is using the threat of legal action in an attempt to shut the press up about the environmental damage his company has been allowed to cause.

The problem here for Collins, and to a lessor extent her husband, is that the environment (prior to COVID-19) was listed as the number one issue for New Zealanders. Obviously a clear majority of voters don’t want to see pictures of destroyed conservation estate native forests, which places the current leader of the opposition in a bit of a predicament.

Judith Collins could attempt to try and mislead Kiwis about her true intentions towards the environment, but unfortunately for the National Party most people will see right through the charade. I mean Crusher and her husband's clear conflict of interest is pretty hard to miss.