Poll disaster for National | The Jackal

19 May 2020

Poll disaster for National

There’s been a lot of conjecture concerning the reasons behind the National Party’s fall to 30% in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll. Some commentators have correctly ascertained that the current leader, Simon Bridges, has been consistently getting his tone wrong! Others believe that the shift in support is all about the Government’s COVID-19 response, and in particular the way Jacinda Ardern leads in a crisis.

While all these things are correct to varying degrees, one of the main reasons the National Party’s support has declined so dramatically is their inability to use the Internet properly. If nothing else, the Internet has provided New Zealanders with an insight into how right wing politicians think, and they obviously don’t like what they see. In my opinion that's one of the main reasons the National Party is in steep decline.

Yesterday, Newshub reported:

Newshub-Reid Research Poll: Jacinda Ardern goes stratospheric, Simon Bridges is annihilated 

On this poll, Labour is the only show in town, the only party in power by a mile - 56.5 percent up 14 points - the highest it's ever been in our poll and the highest any party ever has. 
Conversely - and this is the heart stopping moment for National - the biggest party in Parliament is blown to smithereens - 30.6 percent down a jaw-dropping 12.7 points. 
The bedrock built by former Prime Minister Sir John Key - obliterated.

Whether it’s National Party MP David Bennett encouraging panic buying, unhinged claims by Alfred Ngaro about a Police State, Paula Bennett attending a homophobic party during lockdown, the promotion of internet troll Katie Hopkins by Simeon Brown or their leader being publicly undermined by his own peers (just to name a few issues), the National Party has a real problem with how to conduct themselves in the age of the Internet.

What they don’t understand is that the Internet never forgets. That’s why the National Party’s negative online campaigning, paid for by secret bribes, has entirely failed! I mean who exactly was the idiot who thought making numerous false claims online, including that $50 billion worth of investment wouldn’t create any jobs, was a good idea?

National have once again been relying on their supporters not bothering to look too deeply into their Party’s numerous deceptive claims. This is an incredibly stupid political strategy, especially during lockdown when most people have an abundance of time on their hands. With the right wings Internet trolls being overwhelmed and nearly every Facebook and Twitter comment being in disagreement, it’s no wonder the National Party is losing the online battle and going backwards in the polls.

It should also be mentioned that National is blinded by their jealousy of the current Government. They simply cannot understand why others don’t view Jacinda Ardern as they do, with hatred. I’ve said it before, but it looks like I have to say it again; attacking the PM personally is NOT a sound political strategy. Stupidly, the right wing doesn’t see the reality of the situation, whereby the PM is receiving local and international praise for very good reasons. This wilful ignorance will become a bigger hindrance for the National Party as the Government announces more and more policies that benefit all Kiwis.

Another issue for the blue “team” is Simon Bridges trying to model himself after John Key. One of the skills the former PM had was his ability to make controversial statements that would gain attention...statements that would annoy the left but often be acceptable to National supporters.

Bridges however attempts to gain attention by saying things that nobody in their right mind would agree with. His inability to read the room or respond with reasonable arguments is light years away from Key’s Teflon like abilities.

So the National Party has a choice to keep the bumbling Bridges on, in the vain hope that the COVID-19 recession will dent Jacinda Ardern's popularity, or choose somebody who can at least remember their lines properly. But if they do nothing, then National is set for an election disaster that they may never recover from, even with the help of the mainstream media.