Seymour's latest social media fail | The Jackal

4 Sept 2017

Seymour's latest social media fail

We should all know by now that the Act party are a bunch of nasty right wing sycophants who should never have been allowed into our parliament let alone the government.

Their MP's are without a doubt some of the most corrupt New Zealand has ever seen. From pressuring woman to get abortions to stealing the identity of dead babies, the Act party candidates have shown on numerous occasions that they simply cannot be trusted.

But just in case you were in two minds about who to vote for this coming election, here’s another good reason to not support the little weasel of a leader, David Seymour.

Of course the idiot Seymour feigned ignorance.

Unfortunately for him, the Internet never forgets.

Chalk another one up for an Act party own goal. It’s no wonder they're only polling 0.3%.