Corin Dann demolishes PM | The Jackal

18 Sept 2017

Corin Dann demolishes PM

The mainstream media in New Zealand often lets National get away with murder. Contrast for instance any number of their scandals over the 2017 election campaign with Helen Clark signing a painting for charity (paintergate), and you can see a clear and present bias within most of our media outlets.

That's why it's so extraordinary when an interviewer actually takes National to task over their numerous political faults.

When you put those shortcomings and a lack of vision up against a well-informed presenter it culminates in an interview yesterday on Q+A showing just how under pressure and out of touch Bill English really is.

In fact Corin Dann blew National's negative campaign strategy of scaremongering about tax out of the water with a number of cutting questions the PM struggled to answer.

If you haven't seen the interview already, it's well worth checking out:

English trying to defend his pig-headed finance Minister with an entirely lame argument meant he was an easy picking for Dann, who demolished the National party leader like he was a badly made toy. The PM's stress at being asked some hard questions was palpable.

Because of this excellent interview, Corin Dann is now trending on Twitter. Let's hope more journalists take note and turn up the heat on what is perhaps New Zealand's worst right wing government ever.