Where's McVicar? | The Jackal

1 May 2013

Where's McVicar?

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

The man accused of murdering Turangi service station attendant Rodney Tahu has made a shock retraction of an earlier admission that he had killed the father of two.

I would think that such a statement would be considered an admission of murder, and therefore couldn't be retracted?

The Crown alleges Hallett shot Mr Tahu twice, once in the shoulder and a second shot to the head.

"The accused looked down on Mr Tahu injured on the ground," said Mr Pilditch.

"He took aim for a third and final time with a certain knowledge that pulling the trigger would end his life - and Mr Hallett pulled the trigger."

"The Crown's case is that he is guilty of nothing short of murder."

Where's that reprehensible Garth McVicar from the (un)Sensible Sentencing Trust to declare that Hallett is guilty and should therefore be locked up forever?

Oh that's right, Menzies Hallett is a white guy and the person he killed was a Maori. I guess that fact changes everything for McVicar and his little band of right wing racists!