Who do you believe? | The Jackal

31 Jul 2014

Who do you believe?

On the back of numerous controversies that have plagued the National led government over the last few weeks, the left wing block of Labour and the Greens have managed to increase their support from 38.5% to 42% in the latest Roy Morgan poll.

At the same time John Key has floundered in the face of mounting opposition to his corrupt and incompetent regime. Because of this, the National party has shed a whopping 5 percentage points of support, which puts them well within range of an effective left wing campaign.

However there was another poll reported on One News tonight that's had far less attention, a poll showing that a majority of New Zealanders no longer trust the Prime Minister, John Key.

In the lead up to an election how terrible it must be for team Key to have a poll showing that most people no longer believe in the Prime Minister. Considering the numerous cases of his dishonesty, it's little wonder that more voters believe what Kim Dotcom says compared to old Teflon John. He is after all only top dog because he 's the best and most accomplished liar!

Let’s hope that the results in this poll are reflected in the September election and we get a government that conducts itself with some integrity, an honest left wing government that New Zealand actually deserves.