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17 Jul 2014

National hates Dolphins

We all should know by now that the iconic Maui's dolphin is on the brink of extinction, with only 55 adults remaining. That's why it's highly important to try and reduce any harmful industry activity the mammals are or could be exposed to, or so you would think.

Instead of listening to the scientists on this matter, the National led government is determined to undertake oil exploration and drilling in the critically endangered dolphins habitat. This is despite the proposed oil and gas industry activity being proven to be harmful to mammals.

Today, Stuff reported:

The Green Party says mineral mining permits have been granted across a third of a marine sanctuary inhabited by Maui's Dolphins.

Today the party released maps comparing sightings of the endangered mammals with areas where mining companies have been granted exploration permits on the west coast of the North Island.

The maps show there have been 254 sightings of the dolphins.

There's no doubt that the government's decision will result in more dolphin deaths.

Instead of treating another sentient being with the respect it deserves, National will allow a risky business to undertake dangerous activity that will undoubtedly have a detrimental impact on Maui's dolphin's, pushing them even closer to extinction.

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges said the Government had taken steps to tighten regulation around mineral exploration, and the permits were for prospecting, with more onerous requirements if the companies elected to progress to drilling.

"Using an evidence-based approach there has been no harm to Maui's Dolphins [from mineral exploration]", Bridges told Radio New Zealand.

This is another blatant lie by a National MP. The negative effect on mammals like the Maui's dolphin's from seismic testing is well documented. There are also a number of studies showing how drilling waste and petroleum-based substances have an adverse effect on whales and dolphins. Here's one of them (PDF).

It’s simply not good enough for Simon Bridges to claim that there's no evidence when there obviously is. He's a Minister of the Crown after all and should at least have a basic understanding of what the scientific research (PDF) is saying.

Instead, the dishonest Energy and Resources Minister appears to be no more than a sock-puppet for the oil and gas industry, which is yet another good reason to change the government come the September general election.