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13 Jul 2014

Meet the National candidate: a liar

I happened to be looking around at what the right wing are on about during this election campaign and came across this webpage by the so-called Young Nats about Todd Muller, who's apparently a new candidate for the National party.

So I got to reading his largely boring blurb when I came across this statement:

Helen Clark once said she thought Agribusiness was New Zealand’s sunset industry. Well, we would have had a long dark night of economic suffering over the last 6 years if it wasn’t for those same agribusinesses!

For the life of me I cannot find any reference to Helen Clark ever saying; "Agribusiness was New Zealand’s sunset industry". Why would she, being that it was her who ensured an FTA was signed with China that has ensured a huge increase in trade and resulting profits for the dairy and agricultural sectors in New Zealand?

It's a bit sad that National has to resort to making up pathetic untruths about a former leader of the Labour party. In my opinion, attempting to turn farmers against Labour by lying is only going to make National look stupid!

In fact Helen Clark has done more for the dairy industry than National could ever hope to achieve. National is simply taking advantage of the economic upturn they had little to no input in creating. Furthermore, with any increase in production over the last six years being at the expense of our waterways, National has got the balance between more intensive dairying and protecting our highly profitable environment all wrong!

The deluded Environment Minister, Amy Adams' claimed today that the Greens are anti-jobs and anti-growth because of their clean rivers policy, also announced today. This makes it appear that the current government has no new ideas of their own to support the dairy industry while also protecting the environment.

Unfortunately National is a failed and outdated administration that needs to criticize or lie in order to have something to say, which is a clear sign that their time is up.