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30 Jul 2014

Israel celebrates killing of children

As the Israeli bombardment and occupation of Gaza intensifies with Unicef estimating that 230 Palestinian children have been killed to date, the international response to numerous Israeli war crimes appears to be floundering. Although an investigation will be conducted, without American support for economic sanctions and other measures to coerce Israel into a peaceful solution even the United Nations appears unable to ensure a halt to the bloodshed.

Such a slow and ineffective international response to what can only be described as attempted ethnic cleansing of Palestinians is in clear breach of International humanitarian laws specifically designed to safeguard peaceful civilians and ensure they aren’t caught up in other people's conflicts.

In complete disregard for the unconditional rules of warfare, the Israelis are actively targeting schools, playgrounds, hospitals and innocent people's homes in clear violation of the Geneva Convention, which was ratified by Israel way back in 1951.

Despite a strong propaganda campaign in order to try and justify their entirely unjust war against the people of Palestine, Israel's clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention with such abhorrent acts of barbarism has ensured worldwide criticism, condemnation that will have widespread implications for the rogue and terrorist nation, Israel.

Here are a few of the Palestinian children killed or injured in the conflict:

If that killing and maiming of innocent children wasn't bad enough, the Israelis are actually celebrating their atrocious war crimes. Not only are the Zionists cheering on the bombardment of Gaza from the sidelines, they're openly dancing in the streets and chanting about just how great it is to kill innocent Palestinian children.

Yesterday, The Times of Israel reported:

Far-right Israelis celebrate Gaza kids’ deaths

In video from Tel Aviv demonstration, crowd can be seen chanting, ‘There is no school tomorrow; there are no children left in Gaza’

Video has emerged of far-right Israeli protesters celebrating the death of children in Gaza during a counter-demonstration to an anti-war rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square over the weekend

“There is no school tomorrow; there are no children left in Gaza,” the men can be seen chanting as part of a roughly formed song that also included the stanzas “I hate all the Arabs” and “Gaza is a cemetery.”

The mob also called for Israeli Arabs to be stripped of their citizenship.

No wonder people are saying the Israelis are acting like Nazis.

Here's the video of Israelis in Tel Aviv celebrating the death of children in Gaza.

What a bunch of sick and soulless bastards!