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17 Jul 2014

Hauiti's spending spree

It always amazes me that political polling in New Zealand seems to coincide with reporting on yet another government blunder or case of corruption. But instead of the polls reflecting the general publics distaste for such things, they seem to reward errant government MP's for their bad behaviour.

When revelations that the National led government used incorrect crime statistics that were falsified by the police to show declining crime rates, their polling support increased. After new information that shows National applied "political pressure" on the SIS and Immigration to allow Kim Dotcom residency, the people polled apparently approved of a clear breach of due process with National's support going up 3%.

One of the problems is that mainstream media is largely ignoring stories that make the government look bad. As an example, a biased approach to reporting meant recently released information showing the NZDF involvement in war crimes was effectively sidestepped by the MSM and consequently by the government as well.

In fact the polling would have us believe that such abuse is an acceptable practice that should be rewarded by voters at the upcoming 2014 election.

However the public might not be so forgiving of being ripped off, with Stuff reporting yesterday:

Claudette Hauiti has surrendered her parliamentary charge card after using it to pay for a Christmas trip to Australia.

The trip and other unauthorised spending on the card - known as a purchasing or p-card - led to the list MP returning it to Parliamentary Service in March.

Prime Minister John Key said in 2010 that the Government had "led the charge" on transparency of MPs' spending.

But Parliamentary Service has refused to detail the mis-spending on Hauiti's card or supply a total.

It was bad enough that Hauiti only attained her position because National's lowest ranked list MP at the time, Aaron Gilmore, had to resign after abusing restaurant staff, clearly showing the Nats are scraping the bottom of their talent barrel, but after Hauiti is put in a position she clearly doesn't deserve she starts ripping off the system? That's not an acceptable way for our democratic process to be utilized.

You could only imagine the mainstream medias reaction if Hauiti was still with Labour. Thankfully for his ratings the Prime Minister is conveniently out of the country so he doesn't have to try and justify such spending abuse after claiming government MP's would be held to a higher standard...standards that appear to be non-existent under his so-called leadership.

Much like the former Act party leader Rodney Hide, ripping of the taxpayer is likely to be the death knell for Hauiti's short and unremarkable political career.

It also took more than a week for the National party to return calls.

She admitted last night that she had used the card to pay for flights to Australia, which she said cost about "$200 and something", but could not be more specific.

"I went to Australia. It was travel only and way outside Parliamentary Service guidelines."

Clearly this is a blatant lie. Government MP's always fly first class and even at economy pricing a return flight to Australia is around $500 these days. It's also an obvious lie because the government hasn't been forthcoming with the details of Hauiti's spending. They're trying to hide the extent of just how much she's ripped off the taxpayer for obvious reasons.

If Hauiti is too stupid to understand the rules and doesn't have enough moral aptitude to realise that using taxpayer’s money to fund her Christmas spend-up in Australia was wrong, she's certainly not capable of representing the good people of Kelston.

Coupled with employing her wife, Nadine Hauiti-Mau, in her Auckland electorate office and it is clear that Claudette Hauiti should do the taxpayer's a favour and resign, which would be no real loss to the National party or politics in general.