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26 Jul 2014

Four sackable offences

We all know the National party is riding high in the opinion polls at the moment with old Teflon John seemingly untouched by any number of scandals that have plagued the government over the last six years. Much of this apparent success with voters is due to the fact that the polling itself is flawed and like our mainstream media, is biased in favour of the right wing. But that can only go so far in explaining why National remains the largest political party in New Zealand.

The media ignoring the important issues in favour of personality politics and trivial sideshows doesn't really explain it either, because when you look at the statistical evidence for whether National's governance has been a success or not; no logical reason for their continued support exists. In fact most indicators show the country is going backwards since Key took over, with increased debt, more poverty, homelessness and third world diseases just to name a few of the more pertinent aspects of where the National led government is completely failing in its economic and social obligations.

Another area where National is failing miserably is in how it manages its numerous scandals, mismanagement that has a lot to do with the Prime Ministers lack of honesty. In many regards it's not the initial controversy that's the main problem, it's the lies in order to cover-up and unfortunately the list of Key's mendacities is extensive and often warrants much more scrutiny than the mainstream media is willing to provide. So let’s narrow his excuses down to four offences over the last week that in any other government would have warranted the immediate dismissal of the offending MP's.

1. Claudette Hauiti abuses her parliamentary charge card for an undisclosed sum of money.

On Thursday, Radio NZ reported:

PM under pressure over Hauiti

The Prime Minister is coming under increasing pressure to disclose how much taxpayers' money errant list MP Claudette Hauiti misspent, but John Key says he does not know.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says Mr Key must know, and the money involved is much greater than the $200 that has been made public.

Claudette Hauiti has announced she will not stand for re-election on 20 September, after she was forced to admit she had misused her parliamentary credit card on a trip to Australia.

2. Gerry Brownlee abuses his position of power and barges through airport security.

On Thursday, Stuff reported:

Brownlee offers to resign over airport drama

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee's office has confirmed an investigation is under way into today's airport security breach.

Brownlee has denied barging past airport security, in an incident he has offered his resignation over.

3. Chester Borrows is caught speeding like a Prime Ministerial motorcade.

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Courts Minister Chester Borrows admits he is embarrassed after being fined $80 for speeding.

Courts Minister Chester Borrows admits he is embarrassed after being fined $80 for speeding. 
But the former police officer says he paid the fine promptly and has sworn to keep a better eye on the speedo in future.

Mr Borrows confirmed he was stopped by police doing 11km/h over the speed limit in a 100km/h area outside Patea while he was on his way to Wanganui for a meeting. He was running late and had not kept an eye on his speedo while going down a hill.

4. Jonathan Coleman lied about when he was informed of the FBI's interest in Dotcom.

Yesterday, the NZ Herald reported:

Coleman knew of FBI interest in Dotcom pre-residency decision 
It emerged last week Dotcom was given residency in 2010 despite the SIS urging Immigration NZ to tell their minister the FBI was carrying out a criminal investigation into him and wanted the help of NZ Police.

Dr Coleman was briefed by Immigration NZ chief executive Nigel Bickle on October 28, the day before Dotcom was granted residency.

Dr Coleman distanced himself from the decision, saying it was made by officials. He said: "Ministers had absolutely no knowledge of any pending FBI-NZ Police investigation."

Immigration NZ has now issued a statement saying Dr Coleman was told before Dotcom got residency.

An Immigration NZ spokesman said "the general information about the FBI was passed to Mr Bickle who then passed it to the minister".

I can’t wait for the polls to tell us that the public approves of these four sackable offences.