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26 Jan 2013

Logan Dawson - Asshole of the Week

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

A young farmer who encouraged his dogs to attack boars at his property and then filmed the attack has walked free from court.

Logan Dawson pleaded guilty to two charges of ill-treating a boar, and two charges of baiting a boar - charges which have never before been laid in New Zealand, the RSPCA said.

The 24-year-old was discharged without conviction, but ordered to pay almost $8400 in reparation and a $500 donation to the RSPCA when he appeared in the Hamilton District Court today.

Dawson admitted encouraging his dogs to attack a number of boars at his Waikato property to train them for pig hunting.

It's true that you can use a real pig to start training a dog to hunt, but they're meant to be kept from actually attacking the pig. So let's get something clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with how you're meant to train a pig dog. There simply doesn't need to be any blood shed to start training a pig dog properly.

That makes Dawson's excuses for why he was particularly cruel to a number of wild pigs entirely unacceptable. To actively torture an animal in that way displays a level of inhumanity that should not be tolerated. But to then film and promote that cruelty online shows that Dawson is a complete sadist!

In fact to maim or kill because one desires to see the pain of an animal shows that Dawson is sick in the head, and the judge should have at least ensured he was psychologically assessed to determine if there was any further risk. Who is Judge Riddell to say Dawson won't do the same thing again but keep it secret, or perhaps even move onto torturing humans?

Another thing that's pissing me off about all this is the way in which it's been reported. The granny Herald's article for instance is written to ensure Dawson is painted favourably. The online version is also half the size of the print edition FFS! That's not proper journalism, that's biased reporting... Here's a bit of what they didn't bother to publish online for some reason:

Once a person had an animal in captivity after catching it in a wild state, that person became the person in charge of the animal and subject to the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Being that Dawson is guilty of killing an animal in such a manner that the animal suffers unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress, he should have been charged according to what the Animal Welfare Act 1999 (PDF) actually states:

25 Penalties

(a) in the case of an individual, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to both.

Clearly the fine given to Dawson by Judge Riddell is a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket in comparison to his crimes and what should have been handed down. Such a pathetic punishment will likely not change his nasty behaviour at all.

Dawson's lawyer Thomas Sutcliffe told the court his client was a novice hunter and had taken advice on training his dogs from hunting books, television and off the internet, Radio New Zealand reported. Dawson never knew what he did was wrong.

That's because Logan Dawson is a sadistic asshole! There's also the fact that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Judge Rosemary Riddell ruled that a conviction far outweighed the gravity of the offence and would seriously affect his career prospects in farming.

A conviction would seriously affect Dawson's career... Good job. Why would we want a fuckwit like Dawson who has displayed such a complete lack of empathy towards animal's suffering working on a farm?

New Zealand has a serious issue with animal cruelty with a lack of proper law enforcement which allows it to continue. Until we properly ascribe punishments that fit the crimes, animal cruelty will be an unresolved issue and a blight on our international reputation.