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11 Apr 2011

Contradictions and Lies

John Key says that we need to risk our environment to create jobs on deep sea oil rigs while National have sacked 3000 public servants and cut funding to TVNZ7, presumably because the Natz don't agree with its content.

The New Zealand Press Association (NZPA) is also set to close while National promise to bail out the privately owned insurance company AMI to the tune of a billion dollars.

John Key states that “New Zealand has proven it can manage those risks” from deep sea oil exploration when this is clearly incorrect, we have very little infrastructure to rectify a large oil spill.

With New Zealand wages now 30% behind Australia, Bill English says: “it is a good thing if we can attract the capital” contradicting Nationals 2008 election campaign. Unemployment has increased by around 200,000 while National has been in power.

Bill English says that the deal with Mediaworks is not a loan but documents reveal that it is a loan and he signed off on that loan. Steven Joyce the former head of Mediaworks says that other media outlets had the same deal while it is revealed that 99% of the money spent went to Mediaworks. John Key says he never met with Mediaworks when he spoke directly with the company’s management and consequently went against Ministry of Economic Development advice in granting the deal. Idiot Savant @ No Right Turn says this.

John Key says he knew nothing about the BMW deal when he had signed off on it himself. He states that there was no option but to buy the BMW’s when later documents show this to not be true. Mr Key then jokes about the situation.

John Key lies in an attempt to explain away hard evidence that he had a major, undisclosed conflict of interest in his Tranz Rail shares:

National are convinced state power companies will perform better after partial privatisation, despite contrary Treasury advice. Key promises to proceed with privatization if elected despite a huge percentage of the population being against the plan.

John Key states that 10,000 Christchurch homes will need to be demolished when he had no intelligence to base this figure on. Key posses for photo opportunities while many in Christchurch go without basic necessities.

Gerry Brownlee says that the government is doing a good job while it is revealed that EQC assessments are being done in a time frame of as little as 44 seconds. Gerry Brownlee opens the tender to build temporary accommodation for those affected by the Christchurch Earthquake to international interests while Japan’s first temporary accommodation becomes available for those effected by their Magnitude 9 Earthquake and tsunami.

After much controversy concerning the Governments plans for heritage buildings affected by the Earthquakes, Gerry Brownlee says:

“I understand conservation architecture very well and I do have an appreciation of heritage buildings."

Mr Brownlee then follows this up with:

“It's going to ruin communities because people have not been able to get on with things due to that very expensive heritage process," and "We cannot put the city into paralysis while we go about considering the heritage values of such a large number of buildings."

John Key changes his position on the Iraq war initially stating that National should send troops because "blood was thicker than water." He later said that we should not send troops to be more in line with public awareness. Phil Goff says that Key either has a defective memory or simply he is not telling the truth to disguise his poor judgement and yet another flip-flop. Etc.