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10 Jul 2020

Woodhouse must resign

National MP - Michael Woodhouse
What a surprise! Michelle Boag also sent National’s Michael Woodhouse confidential emails about COVD-19 patients, and he continued to publicly attack the Government over these very same breaches of privacy.

This is the biggest political self-own since the Act Party’s David Garrett admitted in Parliament that he used a dead baby's identity to illegally obtain a false passport.

Michelle Boag, a former National Party President, has subsequently resigned or been sacked from nearly every position she had. So how on earth is Woodhouse still on National's front bench, let alone a Member of Parliament?

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Michelle Boag quits the National Party, sent Covid patient details to Nat MP Michael Woodhouse 

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has quit the party after revelations she sent Covid-19 patient details to another National MP. 
National Party health spokesman Michael Woodhouse confessed this morning to receiving four unsolicited emails from Boag between June 21 and 25 which contained patient details, but it was not the same information that was sent to disgraced MP Hamish Walker. 
His confession follows National Party leader Todd Muller's comments yesterday that he had not asked his MPs whether they had received confidential information as Walker had. 
"The issue is sorted from my perspective," he told reporters yesterday. 
But a party spokeswoman told the Herald that Muller knew about Boag's emails to Woodhouse on Tuesday. 
Woodhouse said this morning he deleted the emails from Boag.

Woodhouse was likely trying to cover-up his involvement.

"I recognised that the information in those emails was private so I did not share it with anyone else and I subsequently deleted them." 
He did not say why he had not gone public with this information earlier.

Yeah right! Woodhouse has been all over the news blaming the Government for breaches of privacy, while knowing beyond any doubt that the leaks were coming from none-other than National Party stalwart, Michelle Boag.

Clearly Woodhouse has brought Parliament into disrepute, and therefore must resign. But instead of ensuring Woodhouse does the right thing, it appears that Todd Muller has also lost his moral compass. In fact he's failed to show any signs of proper leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic at all.

By allowing National Party MPs to conspire against the Government using illegally obtained privileged information, Muller has essentially signed his own political death warrant. But who within the beleaguered blue “team” can replace the dishonest boy from the Bay? Certainly nobody who could remotely be considered Prime Ministerial springs to mind.