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21 Jul 2020

No excuses for Falloon

Disgraced National MP - Andrew Falloon
On the back of numerous resignations since she became leader of the opposition, Judith Collins has attempted to mislead the public about why another disgraced National Party MP is leaving Parliament.

Andrew Falloon, who has been sending pornographic material to young woman, has now resigned. But the way in which Crusher Collins initially tried to downplay the situation and mislead the public about why he was throwing in the towel is highly questionable.

Yesterday, Newshub reported:

Police reveal results from investigation into Andrew Falloon's 'unsolicited image' to young woman  
In a statement on Monday, Falloon cited "unresolved grief" following the recent suicide of a friend as his reason for resigning. He said: "I have made a number of mistakes and I apologise to those who have been affected." 
Collins also put out a statement on Monday saying Falloon is "suffering from significant mental health issues". 
Falloon will remain as an MP until the election.

So we had Crusher claiming that Falloon was resigning because of mental health issues while saying nothing about him sending unsolicited pornographic material to a young woman. Collins made her disingenuous press release after she had already received a letter via the Prime Ministers office informing her of the nature of the complaint.

But if that wasn't bad enough, we then had Falloon claiming that he hadn’t actually sent the unsolicited pornographic material himself, but had instead left his cellphone unattended at a party. He claimed his acquaintances were to blame, which was of course another blatant lie!

Today, Stuff reported:

National MP Andrew Falloon faces allegation of sending explicit photos to a third young woman 

National MP Andrew Falloon has allegedly sent explicit images to another young woman, a third allegation that he has acted inappropriately. 
The National Party has confirmed it received the latest allegation on Tuesday morning, the second allegation the party has received directly, after it was revealed that Falloon sent an indecent image to a 19-year-old woman, spurring him to abruptly resign. 
Stuff has also revealed that Falloon sent sexually explicit material to a young woman, who has not complained to the National Party.

Crusher Collins
Instead of being honest about why Andrew Falloon was resigning, it's patently clear that Judith Collins also attempted to use the excuse of failing mental health as a tactic to try and gain the public's sympathy, in order to reduce criticism of the National Party once the truth came out.

It’s one thing to use the suicides of your friends as an excuse for reprehensible behaviour, but for Collins to also try and illicit people’s empathy by playing the mental health card, knowing all the while Falloon was resigning because he sent unsolicited pornographic images to a number of young women, is disgraceful!

The public deserve more from the opposition than shameless spin and unrepentant disinformation, particularly in these unprecedented and trying times. But instead Crusher is playing the same old dirty political games as always…tactics that are neither acceptable nor working as intended.

Combine this with the woeful way the National Party recently used the leaked medical information of COVID-19 patients as a political weapon, and it’s plain to see that Crusher and the current blue “team” don’t deserve to be in power ever again.