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16 Jul 2020

National in tatters

Judith Collins - Dirty Politics practitioner
It’s little wonder that the beleaguered National Party is in complete disarray! They've clearly been stabbing each other in the backs again. Take for instance the internal poll leaker telling the world that they were doing terribly and had no chance of winning the next election under Simon Bridges. This disunity was an obvious sign that the blue “team” was unravelling at the seams.

Betrayed by his own party, Bridges then lost his leadership position by only one vote to a largely unknown MP, Todd Muller, who was beset not only by his own failings, but also by the same destabilising leak concerning internal polling that helped destroy his predecessor's political aspirations.

But that wasn’t the reason for Muller's shock resignation. Instead, another National Party MP, Michael Woodhouse, informed media that the then leader of the opposition did in fact know about Michelle Boag leaking the private medical information of COVID-19 patients to himself and other National MPs so they could use it against the Government, something Muller had point blank denied the previous day, which ultimately caused his downfall.

Dishonest Todd was simply too tarnished by Michelle Boag's leaking debacle to be considered a credible alternative to the highly popular and genuinely honest Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. But instead of choosing a contender with the required credentials, the National Party doubled-down on Tuesday and went with the queen of Dirty Politics herself, Judith Collins.

However, the bad news for the right wing doesn’t end there.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Live: Revolt - National Party MPs Nikki Kaye, Amy Adams quit politics 

Senior National MPs Nikki Kaye and Amy Adams are quitting politics, creating a massive headache for new leader Judith Collins. 
National MPs have been left blindsided for the second time in a week, following Todd Muller's resignation on Tuesday. 
Collins is due to announce this morning what was planned to be a "minor" reshuffle - now she has to scramble to replace two experienced MPs who were former ministers in the last National administration. 
Adams told the Herald she decided to quit when Collins didn't let her keep the Covid-19 recovery portfolio she'd come out of retirement for.

You can see why Adams and Kaye want out. Collins has left a wake of destruction during her ascendancy into the National Party’s leadership position. Dirty Politics, of which Collins is a proficient practitioner, is obviously the unspoken reason for their departure. It will also be the reason many right wing voters decide not to support the National Party at the next election.

In fact the only thing Collins looks set to crush are the careers of her fellow caucus members.

The main problem however for Crusher and her propagandists is that they’re staring down the barrel of at least a three term Labour led Government. Collins is (according to her Wikipedia page) already 61 years of age, meaning she will be nearly 70 by the time the National Party can conceivably get another shot at the Government benches.

Now I don’t mean to sound ageist, but politics is a gruelling sport…and only a truly deluded and arrogant right-wing fool would believe that Crusher has it in her to stay the course. In fact it’s much more likely that she will retire after the crushing defeat National experiences on September 19.

So who’s your pick for the next leaker...I mean leader of the National Party then?