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8 May 2013

Yesterday's man

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

There are two reasons why the Prime Minister should not have made this comment. The first is that it's not true. The second is that if it was true, then instead of publicly and gracelessly blurting it out in this manner, as Prime Minister he should be mulling the consequences, more so as he won't be Prime Minister in 18 months.

But the fact is that it's wrong. A dying city claim is a reflection of a declining population. Wellington's is rising, not as rapidly as Auckland, but then what city in Australasia is?

Surely Key must realise that he's up shits creek without a paddle now that one of his staunchest supporters has come out and publicly lambasted him? Bob Jones isn't known for his criticism of National politicians, which makes his argument all the more compelling.

My company, as the largest private CBD office-building owner in Auckland and Wellington, provides an excellent test. For the past decade office-space demand in the capital has exceeded Auckland's. That position reversed six months ago but I've been around long enough to know these things are cyclical.

Not only was Key lying when he said Wellington was a dying city, it appears that his excuse for lying is also incorrect. Bob Jones is indicating that demand for office space in the capital city is still strong, and with Wellington's population increasing, which will result in economic growth, more businesses will obviously require office space.

The strongest economies in the Western world are capitals, be they London, Canberra or Washington. As I said, democracy equals bureaucracy, an unavoidable price we pay in lieu of dictatorships. No one is forced to live in Wellington, Timaru, Taupo or Auckland. They choose to and will still be there long after the Prime Minister has become yesterday's man, a fate awaiting all politicians.

In my opinion, Key has already become yesterday's man. His Tephlon coating was obviously not built to last.