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17 May 2013

Put the fear of god in them

Today, Stuff reported:

The only memorable lines came later at the after-match function - John Key called Labour and the Greens "the devil beast", Labour leader David Shearer called the finance minister "Blackjack" Bill. And NZ First leader Winston Peters reckoned he was tempted to call in the Serious Fraud Office, the numbers were so shonky.

Claiming that the Greens and Labour are "the devil beast" is extraordinary, especially considering John Key is meant to be agnostic.

The Prime Minister apparently doesn't believe in the devil, and therefore shouldn't be using the fear of god as a way to try and undermine the opposition.

Some have even claimed that Key isn't just agnostic but is in fact an atheist... I wonder how that can be true though when this latest reference to spiritual matters isn't an isolated incident.

In March this year, Stuff also reported:

Prime Minister John Key has waded into the fracking debate, accusing its opponents of talking nonsense.

At a Taranaki energy site, he said he had had enough of the scaremongering over the practice, particularly from the Green Party.

"From what they're saying, you'd think that because of fracking we'll all go to hell in a handbasket," he said.

Talking about Hell and the Devil might be a normal practice of devout Christians, but it certainly rubs the wrong way against a Prime Minister who claims to be agnostic. Perhaps we should add this latest inconsistency to John Keys list of falsehoods?