John Keys scare tactics | The Jackal

2 May 2013

John Keys scare tactics

Today, Stuff reported:

Prime Minister John Key says the economy is in pretty good nick, but he claims the Green Party's involvement in a future government could see "all hell break loose".

Please! As if the Greens environmentally and socially beneficial policies will cause New Zealand to be engulfed in fire and brimstone.

"If you want my blunt view of what's happening at the moment, Labour have decided to lock step with the Greens and go very far left."

I don't think a single joint policy announcement means Labour has gone "far left." Besides, the policy itself isn't radical by any stretch of the imagination. It's very moderate and in my opinion doesn't go far enough.

It might seem "very far left" for a politician without a social conscience, but in reality NZ Power is just good economic and social policy that any government that purports to represent the people of New Zealand should be implementing.

Key said his enduring memory of Green co-leader Russel Norman was seeing him "just about get shot" by Chinese protection agents after trying to wrap a Tibetan flag around the then Vice-Premier of China.

If the Chinese Vice-Premier's goons were about to shoot Russel Norman for holding up a Tibetan flag, perhaps we shouldn't allow them into the country with guns in the first place.

I very much doubt that what the dishonest Prime Minister is saying here is true, especially considering Keys track record for not telling the truth.

It appears that Key is simply displaying his hatred for the good Dr Norman in imagining that he was going to be shot by Chinese agents.

He later told Fairfax he was not trying to tackle such issues in a "fearful" way ahead of the next election.

As if saying; "all hell will break loose" and claiming that his political foes were going to be shot isn't trying to induce people's fears... Talk about a load of doublespeak!

I often wonder how on earth we ended up with such a blatantly dishonest person as Prime Minister... I also wonder how we ended up with such a bad liar? The deluded John Key can't even construct a decent lie these days, which makes him entirely pathetic!

New Zealand deserves far better than the likes of Key and his obvious campaign of disinformation against Labour and the Greens. Let's hope his scare tactics don't gain any ground with voters and National gets a damn good lesson in what not to do at the next election.