Is Wellington a dying city? | The Jackal

7 May 2013

Is Wellington a dying city?

Today, the Dominion Post reported:

Prime Minister John Key admits he should have chosen his words more carefully when he branded Wellington a "dying city."

He told Takapuna business leaders last week that the government doesn't know how to "turn it around".

This morning Mr Key attempted to clarify want he meant. "I should have said under sustained pressure, which would have been a better terminology."

The capital is "very vibrant, actually".

Talk about confusing! Either Wellington is a dying city or it's a vibrant city, it cannot be both. It appears that Keys first comment is what he actually believes, whereas the second comment that Wellington is vibrant was made to reduce any backlash for his stupidity!

If Key labels Wellington a dying city, then I would hate to know what he thinks about small town New Zealand. Many rural areas have been badly impacted by National's neoliberal agenda and have experienced an increase in unemployment and a huge loss of productive businesses.

A lack of employment opportunities has resulted in people leaving in droves to place like Auckland and Australia. In fact if Key describes Wellington as a dying city, then other areas of New Zealand should be considered dead and buried.

Of course this is an inappropriate way for a Prime Minister to describe anywhere in New Zealand, with all its innovative potential just waiting for a proactive government to develop and encourage. John Key is in fact describing the current governments failure to tap into that potential growth, even in the countries capital city.

Wellington is definitely not dying... It might be afflicted with a government that has no actual plan for sustained growth, but it's a long way away from requiring funeral arrangements.