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2 May 2013

Aaron Gilmore drunken buffoon

Today, The Press reported:

A lawyer friend of Christchurch-based MP Aaron Gilmore was so embarrassed by the politician's behaviour after a bottle and a half of wine that he wrote an apology to hotel staff.

Sources close to the Heritage Hanmer Springs hotel said Gilmore called a waiter a "dickhead", handed over his business card and made a comment along the lines of "Don't you know who I am? I'm an important politician."

Most people wouldn't have heard of Aaron Gilmore before this incident, and even if they had, being a National MP shouldn't excuse such behaviour.

Gilmore's carry-on prompted Christchurch lawyer Andrew Riches to leave the waiter an apology note the next day.

Gilmore is obviously an embarrassment, not just for the political party he's associated with, but for his acquaintances as well.

Hotel management declined to comment yesterday, but a source said when Gilmore ordered more wine while settling the bill, the young man refused, saying they had had enough.

Gilmore then insulted the waiter, the source said.

The idiot would've been very intoxicated for staff to refuse to serve him. Under the law, they actually have to refuse intoxicated people more alcohol, so have done the right thing.

If they had ignored the law like Gilmore wanted and served him more alcohol, the staff member could be fined $2,000 with the manager and licensee fined another $10,000 each. The bar could have been closed for up to 7 days... So there was clearly a lot at stake.

However, the National Party backbencher yesterday called the incident a "misunderstanding" and denied he used his position as a politician.

While "some inappropriate comments might seem to have been made", they had been apologised for, he said.

In my opinion, Gilmore should own his drunken behaviour and make a formal and written apology for it himself. This guy is meant to be representing New Zealand after all, and such arrogant drunken behaviour shouldn't be acceptable.

The Press understands the note apologised on behalf of Gilmore for his "appalling" conduct and congratulated the waiter on his professionalism.

Gilmore told The Press restaurant staff had unfairly blamed him for the behaviour of the whole group, and there was "no story" in what occurred.

There clearly is a story here, one of a drunken right wing dickhead!

He said he had apologised to the hotel staff after two members of the dining party became "grossly intoxicated", with one needing to be escorted away.

However, he was "not aware" of being rude or making the alleged comments to the barman.

So, Gilmore is trying to pass the buck for his own drunken behaviour. What a coward!

He could not be sure if he or another member of his party told the waiter to "stop being a dickhead" while discussing liquor-licensing laws.

"I don't know if that was said by me or another colleague. I'm pretty sure it wasn't me."

Too drunk to remember who called the waiter a dickhead? Obviously highly intoxicated then.

A spokeswoman for Key said his office had received no complaints from the hotel, but would look into any that were received.

"The prime minister expects the highest level of behaviour from his caucus," she said.

Clearly holding MPs to account for their reprehensible behaviour shouldn't be dependent on a formal complaint. It should depend on the actual behaviour itself.

People don't complain about such incidents for a number of reasons, and that shouldn't excuse Gilmore's drunken and disorderly behaviour.

A politician using a position of power to try and make people break the law is a serious issue, and should be treated as such by the government.

Thankfully Gilmore is ranked 54 within the National party and will be gone from parliament after the next election.