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10 Aug 2011

The Stream

I make no bones about this post being a plug for a TV program. In fact I give it the Jackal’s tick of approval and full endorsement. Covering current affairs with a focus on human rights, The Stream digs out priceless bits of info from the WWW. If you’re a blogger or political commentator, The Stream is a must watch program.

Last night they ran a story about Fukushima radiation levels and the government not ensuring food supplies are safe. What many news services have not reported on over the last week is that radiation levels at Fukushima have increased to levels as high as those first seen when the “accident” at Fukushima happened.

The Japanese government decided to not initially evacuate people from around Fukushima, even when radiation readings were very high, a decision made because of the costs involved in an evacuation. This information was revealed on Monday in a NYT article that categorizes some of the governments failure. Basically they put money before the well-being of the public, which seems to be a common policy amongst administrators around the world these days.

The Stream runs weeknights on Aljazeera on Stratos in New Zealand and also has an online presence well worth keeping an eye on.