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20 Aug 2011

On Your Bike John Key

You might be aware that National has failed to uphold many of their campaign promises. They've failed to close the wage gap with Australia for one, mainly because they had no intention of affecting business profits. This policy failure alone has been very detrimental to New Zealand.

Under a National government, inequality has markedly increased because they've ensured inflation is high and wages are kept low. This means those lucky enough to be employed often still need welfare... effectively gifting billions of dollars in wage subsidies to private businesses.

That's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of National's corporate welfare regime. Instead of developing economic stability, National wants to sacrifice long term income streams for a quick buck and privatise our SOE's. Even when the majority of financial specialists believe it's not a good idea, National are pursuing their own interests against the wishes of 70% of the people.

With the rich 20% richer in a single year from National's wealth redistribution, they're looking at even more ways to maximise their ill gotten gains. This will inevitably increase inequality levels to the highest in the OECD. New Zealand already has the highest youth unemployment and suicide rate in the developed world because of right wing idealism. Their mismanagement is creating grave dysfunction that is costing the country dearly.

Child poverty rates have increased because National has no plan to address the some 20% of children living in impoverished households. According to the likes of John Key, it's the fault of the poor because they made bad choices and chose to live in poverty. It's a typical blame the victim mentality shared by many right wing elitists. They also believe the poor shouldn't even be allowed to have children and are actively developing policy to sterilize beneficiaries.

Procreation is a god given right, which in a democratic society should not be controlled or only practiced by those who have wealth. It is apparent that National's ideology is driven by their disdain towards the poor, not any compunction to control population growth.
While National bails out big business to the tune of billions of dollars, they also plan a raft of additional subsidies that benefit the already wealthy, all the while crying poor and cutting social spending, increasing the cost of living and lowering people’s purchasing power, all of which is driving more and more Kiwi's out of New Zealand in a mass exodus.

It would appear that unless John Key personally benefits, he couldn't organize himself out of a paper bag. The Natz can't even fully deliver on something as simple as a national cycleway. Being that tourism has continued it's steady decline under National, perhaps John Key believes a cycleway is no longer required.

National’s hypocrisy couldn’t be more apparent than with their plans to subsidise intensive farm irrigation to the tune of +$500 million, thus ensuring our waterways will remain highly polluted from effluent run off. But that's OK! John Key can just find some scientists to say 90% of our lowland waterways aren’t polluted.

According to the Prime Minister, New Zealand is still 100% Pure… in comparison to other countries that is. Apparently scientists are just like lawyers don't you know, you can pay them to say anything you like.