NZSAS Combat Role in Afghanistan | The Jackal

26 Aug 2011

NZSAS Combat Role in Afghanistan

New Zealand’s involvement in Afghanistan was sold to the public on the premise that we were there to help rebuild and train, not be involved in combat missions. Effectively we were lied to.

With no victory in sight, predictably Kiwi soldiers have started to be injured and one has now died, however John Key continues to try to maintain the falsehood that the involvement is non-combatitive. National obviously believes there will be less political damage done by relying on the initial falsehood, rather than admitting to their continued deceit.

Back in January 2010 the NZPA reported that the Government intended to withdraw the so-called provincial reconstruction team (PRT), which has been in Bamyan province since 2003. Twenty months since that assurance was given nothing has really changed.

John Key made the assurance on the back of the assault in Pashtunistan Square, when Taleban soldiers struck at the heart of Kabul. Although they responded, no members of the NZSAS were harmed. However it clearly showed that they were undertaking combat missions, not related to any open mission statement given by the government.

That particular battle left three members of the Afghan security forces and two civilians dead as well as 71 people wounded. Seven militants were also killed.

Here’s John Key on AMP Business and Breakfast a few days ago spinning it about the governments lies concerning the NZSAS’s role in Afghanistan. Watch as he completely side steps the question, just like a snake oil salesman:

You heard it... they wont achieve their goals by being truthful. National has never openly informed the public that the NZSAS has a combat role in Afghanistan. Even now when the evidence is clear, John Key continues to say New Zealand’s involvement is primarily to rebuild and train.

Being that John Key said the NZSAS would not be involved in a military solution, and now they increasingly are, shouldn’t we reassess New Zealand’s involvement in Afghanistan? Especially considering the war is unjustified.