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30 Aug 2011

Is Cactus Kate Dead?

It was rather amusing to see Cathy Odgers joining the Act party a few months ago. Even though she's immensely qualified to be a member of the bigoted group, some of her beliefs appear to go against the grain.

Odgers says that corporate welfare must stop and that politicians should be honest and accountable. Perhaps she doesn't know about Don Brash's sordid history?

Anyway! It's for the best that Odgers wasn't nominated. She would stick out like dogs balls in Act for one thing, being a youngish female in a party of old predominantly male sycophants. The only thing she has going for her is that she's a white supremacist. I actually feel a bit sorry for the once influential critic... being rejected is never easy.

Odgers is probably distraught about the whole thing, being that the Act party was her one and only chance at fulfilling her dream of becoming an MP... Shudder! It's little wonder Act decided to leave Odgers out in the cold though, she is just too outspoken:
"Earth to ACT - Throw Calvert Overboard! Please Dear God shut this woman up! Banks is just awful. He makes you want to consider voting Len Brown... his political philosophy isn't even close to Act's."
I presume that's the main reason Act has rejected Odgers... Although I think old Don Brash is also a bit soar about having the Act party labelled a bunch of racists! He prefers a more caring form of bigotry dressed up in policy drag.

Blatant hate speech and open disdain for Maori would concern Act, who is trying to gain the racist vote, while not openly appearing to be racist. Odgers on the other hand has foot in mouth disease. Here is some of her throffing:
"Without Maori in the statistics New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of general child abuse in the world. That is - Maori are over-represented in bashing kids. That's why it is okay to single them out as a group and demand they improve. It's no one else's fault but themselves that their statistics are so appalling. It's a violence perpetrated on their own.

Maori are trying to deflect the issue from themselves and claiming a collective "youse all do it too". That they are as a group, killing their own kids. But it's not the evil coloniser or Indian or Asian immigrants who are killing Maori kids. Oh no, Maori would be screaming at the top of their lungs and wanting compensation if that was happening. Maori are doing the job very nicely all by themselves.

The heaving pathetic underclass do not seem to have any idea how to look after and better themselves let alone their kids. All the Whanau Ora in the world given to them from the collective troughing of the "consultant" middle class neo-minted Maori brorocracy won't help them.

How about we cut off the DPB and dole altogether and PAY the underclasses NOT to breed. It's an idea thats time has come. Not breeding or not breeding further to those already with children should become a condition of receiving welfare."
It must have been a blow to her white supremacist ego to learn that more white children are killed by family violence than Maori children. Oh well, never let the facts get in the way of some good old racist storytelling eh!

I noticed Odgers has closed down her twitter account and blogging has been non-existent since the Act party announced its list that ultimately rejected her. Perhaps she's finding solace at the bottom of a bottle or maybe Catcus Kate is deceased. I presume that's just a rumor though, and we'll see another blog post sometime soon. I can't wait.