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14 Jul 2020

Muller resigns, National in disarray

Todd Muller - National Party MP
Todd Muller’s shock resignation today really only points to one possible conclusion; there’s further damning evidence linking him directly to National’s latest dirty political episode that will likely be unearthed during an official inquiry.

Obviously Muller being directly involved in the leaking of COVID-19 patient’s private medical information for political gain would make his position untenable, and National appears to have chosen to front-foot the issue in order to try and limit their brand from being damaged further.

Not only was Muller probably directly conspiring with former National Party president Michelle Boag, but he also blatantly lied to journalists about when his fellow MP Michael Woodhouse became involved in the leaking fiasco, meaning he simply had to go.

Today, the Guardian reported:

New Zealand opposition leader Todd Muller resigns just two months before election 

Muller steps down after just 50 days in the job, saying he was not a good fit 
The leader of New Zealand’s opposition party, Todd Muller, has resigned after just 50 days in the job. 
Mueller ousted former leader Simon Bridges in May, but after a fortnight of scandals, Muller said he had realised he was not a good fit, saying the country needed an opposition leader who is “comfortable in the job”.

If nothing else, being a proficient liar is an obvious prerequisite to being National Party leader.

It’s hard to see the right wing ever recovering from this omni-shambles of a political campaign. Not only was dishonest Todd terribly unsuited for the job, but the damning leak debacle also meant he would never be a trustworthy Prime Minister in the eyes of law-abiding citizens.

But who will be his replacement? Clearly Simon Bridges isn’t a contender, because further details implicating him in the procurement of secret Chinese donations are likely to emerge during a High Court trial. Likewise, Judith Collins’ extensive baggage and age largely precludes her from vying for the position.

Some people have ignorantly proposed Paul Goldsmith, but he doesn't have any kerb appeal, and would simply be a placeholder. So National supporters are really only left with Amy Adams or Nikki Kaye, who would both be good choices if only to curtail the overabundance of male chauvinists who seem to congregate on the right.