RIP George Floyd | The Jackal

2 Jun 2020

RIP George Floyd

George Floyd and Daughter 
If you’ve been keeping an eye on recent events in the United States, you’ll likely understand why there’s so much anger on the streets at the moment. Not only did police officers murder another black man; it is patently obvious that authorities initially attempted to cover up George Floyd's execution as well.

But if that wasn’t bad enough, instead of leading in a time of crisis, Donald Trump has been doing his best to provoke people further by aligning himself again with White Power twitter accounts and personally threatening protestors with vicious attack dogs and being shot, clearly showing that he's a fascist!

The US Police, who in general are out of control, have also been antagonising protestors with further indiscriminate acts of violence, sometimes perpetrated against children, journalists and peaceful protestors, which has increased resentment both in the US and abroad.

Of course it suits the so-called President to distract from his administrations mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. Even with the United States’ case numbers painting a bleak picture of a user pays health system that has failed to protect the general population, Trump attempted to distract away from his own culpability by laying blame solely on China and the World Health Organization. This obvious propaganda tactic was repeated when Trump again tried to blame left-wing extremists and ANTIFA for the protests, which if the current global political state of affairs is anything to go by hasn’t been a very successful ploy.

As America rips itself apart, Trump has added insult to injury by moving to close down free speech with an executive order to reduce the legal liability protections online companies operate under. Prior to this blatant attack on the First Amendment, Trump was also misleading people into using incorrect medicines against COVID-19, unsafe treatments that have directly lead to numerous deaths. In the midst of all this, Trump even had the gall to say the United States was doing just fine, a claim that only a truly deluded dictator could make.

At this stage it seems unlikely that even the National Guard can save Trump from his own stupidity! However even with the writing on the wall, the despot continues to blame others.

White House goes dark as Donald Trump hides in bunker

The problem the United States faces going forward is that without any alternative leaders that the people believe in these protests will fail to cause any long-lasting and beneficial change. Both sides of the United States’ administrative wings are simply too corrupt to alter their destructive course by their own accord. Instead they will likely entrench their divisive capitalist agenda further into already abhorrent legislation, laws that will increasingly marginalise and persecute the already downtrodden.

Unfortunately there are no modern day Arthur Luther King’s or Malcolm X’s stepping forward to harness the crowds anger into an organised movement, and without that evolution of dissent the state will likely win out against those who have dared to raise their voices against Trump’s tyranny.

The problem isn’t just that the state has all the guns and numerous ways to track, mislead and punish people…it’s that such opposition to Big Brother has already been tried and failed. The 1970’s Black Power Movement for instance was decimated through police brutality and the introduction of cheap heroin into Black communities. These types of dirty tactics to subdue minority populations in the US haven’t stopped. In fact they’ve become more established and perverse in recent decades.

So my advice to the good people of the United States is to hold onto that rightful anger you feel over George Floyd's murder and harness it into a movement that has longevity. Choose and protect leaders that are squeaky clean and speak truth to power for everybody, because without leaders and a focal point to coalesce the will of the people into political change, history will simply be repeated…and that’s something the World cannot continue to endure.