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7 Jul 2017

Tau Henare vs Lizzie Marvelly

It’s sometimes sad to see the right wing’s response to anybody who speaks out against what is clearly a destructive agenda. Many of them are unrepentant bullies who will stop at nothing to destroy those they perceive to be enemies.

The latest exhibit of their nastiness occurred when singer songwriter Lizzie Marvelly asked for directions on twitter:

The backlash was extraordinary, with a number of insults clearly being completely batshit crazy.

One of the unhinged protagonists is well-known Internet troll and former National party MP Tau Henare, who started insulting Marvelly’s latest performance of the National anthem.

What that had to do with the singer asking for directions is beyond me?

Basically what this comes down to is an ugly talentless former politician criticising a successful, gifted and beautiful woman because he’s jealous and spiteful.

Just to make that point a bit more clearly, here’s a video of Marvelly singing our anthem:

Let’s see the conceited Tau Henare get up and do that.

Normally I wouldn’t bother highlighting such incidents, because unfortunately they happen all the time, but Henare is a special case who on occasion deserves a bit more attention.

Just in case you thought Henare had any credibility to criticise other people, it shouldn't be forgotten that he's been appointed deputy chair of Housing New Zealand in order to enable the sale of the purposefully run down state housing stock.

Clearly the National led government wants a smooth and quiet transition from public to private hands and the dishonest Tau Henare is all too happy to facilitate the sale of our assets dirt-cheap to companies with highly questionable backgrounds.

On Monday, The Daily Blog reported:

Who are the bidders for 2,500 Christchurch state houses? Hold your noses… 
Radio New Zealand revealed last week that Broadspectrum’s parent company in Australia was running the infamous Manus Island detention centre and alongside the Australian government agreed to pay $73 million in an out-of-court settlement for horrendous mistreatment of detainees.

Presumably Amy Adams sees this Manus Island experience as an advantage for Broadspectrum in its bid for Christchurch state houses. Mistreating vulnerable people and putting the boot into beneficiaries is a National government speciality.

And what about the other consortium fronted by the Christchurch City Council’s Otautahi Community Housing Trust? Who are the moneymen behind this? It’s New Zealand’s Morrison and Co who manage infrastructure investor Infratil.

They are no different to the Australian companies in their rapacious behaviour. They made their money from the privatisation of New Zealand state assets over the past 30 years and they aim to continue their role as one of the biggest parasites on the New Zealand taxpayer.

Well-said John Minto.

So when Tau Henare claims to have the moral high ground, while working to steal public assets from everyday hardworking New Zealanders, people should just laugh in his ugly face.