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1 Jul 2017

Judith Collins - Asshole of the Week

It should be taken with a grain of salt when right wing political commentators claim that Judith Collins could be a Prime Minister. She clearly doesn’t have the charisma or ability to lead the National party or the country for that matter.

But what makes Judith Collins so unsuitable to represent New Zealand isn’t just her obvious lack of attributes such as decency and morality; it’s her continued dishonesty about important things like the Pike River disaster.

On the 19th June, Newshub reported:

Judith Collins doesn't want to talk about Pike 'inferno'

"I was then Minister of Police. I know about the infernos that were there and I know what happened. And I can tell you, it's just a terrible mess," she said.

But that image is in stark contrast to footage revealed by Newshub last night from inside the deepest part of the mine, which shows no sign of an inferno.

Clearly the National party has undertaken a cover-up of what really occurred at Pike River.

On Thursday, World Socialist Web Site reported:

New Zealand: Police suppressed images of bodies in Pike River mine

The latest footage shows that the interior of the mine after the explosion was not what the families and the public were led to believe. Last December cabinet minister Judith Collins, who was the police minister at the time of the explosion, told TV3 there could be no manned re-entry because “infernos” had made the mine “a terrible mess.”

Prime Minister Bill English attempted to dismiss the latest footage as “nothing new,” saying the Royal Commission had examined it. He told Newshub “the implication that somehow there’s been a cover-up is complete nonsense.”

In fact, the government and police have worked to prevent any real investigation into the disaster and to shield Pike River Coal’s management and owners from prosecution. A Royal Commission in 2012 found that the mine had violated numerous safety regulations in order to reduce costs. It had inadequate methane gas monitoring, poor ventilation and no emergency exit.

Despite Collins being shown up as a complete liar over the Pike River disaster, she still had the gall to go on the attack and make yet more untruthful claims about a Labour led government.

Yesterday, Newshub reported:

Strikes every Xmas under Labour, claims Judith Collins

New Zealand would be back in the 1970s with ferry and airline strikes every Christmas if Labour's employment relations policy is implemented, says Cabinet minister Judith Collins.

"It's just payback to the unions for putting Andrew Little in there, it's completely insane behaviour," she said on Newshub's The AM Show on Friday.

"It would be back to the old Federation of Labour days when every Christmas the ferries would go on strike and the airlines would go on strike."

What a load of bullshit! Obviously New Zealand’s biggest strikes happened when a National led government was in power. Perhaps the medication Collins is currently on or her unrepentant political bias has caused her to forget history… so let’s jog her foggy memory.

Remember when Judith Collins leaked the private information of ACC claimant Bronwyn Pullar in order to defame her? Remember her Ministerial bias against David Bain receiving compensation and her defaming Judge Ian Binnie?

Remember how Collins tried to cover-up the fact that the Police were reporting incorrect statistics to make hundreds of burglaries just disappear? Remember when Collins lied about the amount of Police leaving the force? Remember when Collins tried to make taxpayer's pay for her own private prosecutions?  Remember when Collins actively participated in a campaign to undermine the Director of the Serious Fraud Office? Remember when she had to resign her Ministerial position?

Remember when Judith Collins provided information to her fan boy Cameron Slater in order to defame public servant Simon Pleasants, claiming that he was the leak of information about Finance Minister Bill English double dipping on his accommodation allowance?

Remember when Collins used her ministerial position to benefit her husband's business interests and used taxpayer dollars to lobby for him while on a trip in China? Remember how Collins allowed a loophole in the legislation so that tens of thousands of tons of swamp Kauri can be looted from New Zealand and sold in China by Kauri Ruakaka Ltd, another company her husband Wong-Tung is a director of. Remember how Collins used her ministerial position to help Oravida, a company her husband is a director of, to bypass border requirements in what was a clear conflict of interest?

No wonder she has been dubbed the 'minister of corruption'.

These are just a few of the scandals Judith Collins has been involved in. She is therefore clearly unfit to be in office and an asshole of the first order who deserves more than most to win this week’s Asshole Award.