Help Greenpeace save our rivers | The Jackal

8 Jul 2017

Help Greenpeace save our rivers

Our rivers are sick. Intensive dairying means we have too many cows which is leading to pollution of our rivers and lakes.

We urgently need your help to get this video on national TV to expose what is really going on. With your donation we will be able to reach thousands of people with our video, exposing the government's inaction in protecting our beautiful waterways.

7 out of 10 monitored lakes and rivers in New Zealand are already so polluted that they are unsafe to swim in. This is a national disgrace.

Chip in now to get this new video on air and expose what our government is doing to our rivers and lakes through their investment in irrigation schemes to drive more intensive dairying. More cows means more pollution.

Help Greenpeace save our rivers by making a donation here.