Fake support for marijuana law reform | The Jackal

4 Jul 2017

Fake support for marijuana law reform

We all know that the debate concerning whether medical marijuana should be legalised is over. The only ones who still cling onto the notion that cannabis is somehow dangerous are those stuck in the days of refer madness.

So the right wing has had to change tack. Instead of openly opposing marijuana law reform during the election campaign, they're now claiming to support it. It’s only after the election that the dishonest right wing will go silent on the issue and nothing will change.

In May, Newshub reported:

Legalise cannabis? 'I'd do it tomorrow' - David Seymour

"I think that time's going to come. People are going to look at what's happened in Canada and California and other places starting with 'C' and they're basically going to say: 'Look, it's time to make that change'," Mr Seymour replied, bluntly.

Obviously David Seymour wouldn’t do it tomorrow because in the three years he’s been in parliament Seymour hasn’t bothered to submit a member’s bill to change the law.

Instead, it was Green MP Julie Anne Genter's Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis and Other Matters) Amendment Bill that looks set to make medical marijuana legal… if a conscience vote is allowed.

A vast majority of the public thinks marijuana should be legal… that’s why some right wing MPs are now claiming that they support marijuana law reform. Despite the clever pretence, it’s unfortunately totally fake support.

For instance, when Peter Dunne claimed he supported the use of medical marijuana products that don’t contain THC he ensured his changes only applied to products that aren’t actually available in New Zealand. He also came out against the medical cannabis amendment bill.

In June, Newshub reported:

Green MP's marijuana Bill 'unworkable' - Peter Dunne

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says the public isn't ready for grow-your-own medicinal marijuana.

"What she's saying is she's effectively going to decriminalise cannabis across the board. That's not the position of a number of other political parties. I don't think it's where the public is at."

Clearly Dunne is just blowing hot air when he claims people aren’t ready. You’ve also got to wonder where exactly was Peter Dunne when Helen Kelly was campaigning for medical marijuana and dying from terminal cancer?

Of course Dunne doesn’t like the amendment because if it’s enacted the drug companies won’t be able to make lots of money from their inferior cannabis products and often more dangerous widely used pain medications.

What about the National party though? With John Key no longer in the House, has there been a change in direction? Here’s what Bill English really thinks about Dunnes spruiking for the legal drug dealers.

In April, Newshub reported:

NZ doesn't want 'marijuana industry' - English

"We don't want an official marijuana industry. We're not going to be legalising it."

Instead, the government wants an illegal marijuana industry that costs the taxpayer millions and millions of dollars each year.

He fears increasing access to medical products based on cannabis will increase recreational use.

So English didn’t really support Dunne giving the Ministry of Health the ability to approve the use of cannabis based products. However he allowed Dunne to grandstand on the issue in order to seem reasonable to the public.

"We just think the long-term damage of large-scale use of marijuana is pretty bad."

But the large-scale use of alcohol and its far more damaging effects on society is OK because the government can tax the fuck out of it.

Obviously what English thinks is in the minority. In this non-scientific poll a whopping 97% of responders think it’s time to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes. That means the government isn’t listening to the public and will hopefully be penalised at the polls.

The right wing are seriously concerned that United Future and the Act party are goneburgers this coming election. Once again they’re trying every trick in the book to dupe voters into supporting them through dishonest campaigning. Let’s hope the mainstream media stops enabling them.