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13 Jul 2017

ACT Party - Asshole of the Week

If you’re new to politics, Act might seem like a somewhat politically enlightened party. You could even be duped into supporting them because of the disproportionate amount of mainstream media attention the Act party receives.

However every once in a while the mask slips and the true ugly belief system of the discriminatory Act party is revealed in all its gory detail. It’s a most horrible visage, full of venomous hatred for the impoverished Maori, a sector of our communities they obviously wish to eradicate.

Barely able to veil their hatred for the diversity that makes this country great, there’s no question that the Act party is the kinder more gentle face of white supremacy.

We all know that Act is a divisive organisation that wants to segregate New Zealand based on people’s wealth and race. It feeds off of inequality like a vampire, growing a most dangerous element in our society with archaic policy likely dredged out of the pages of some long forgotten Milton Friedman essay from the 1950's.

It’s little wonder then that the Act party is littered with the corpses of decaying political dreams. Barely able to muster 1% support, Act’s leader David Seymour seems particularly unhinged in his optimism for the party’s chances.

In truth the future is bleak for the Act party brethren, with many of their founders and funders drying up or dying off. Even with the support of a desperate to stay in power National party, Act looks set for the trash can of political oblivion.

The stark reality of Act's impending demise has caused the party faithful to react badly to any policy that challenges their defunct neoliberal belief system, and Labour's family package announced on Tuesday did just that. With the race-baiting card all that Act really has to play with, the party’s second in command, Beth Houlbrooke, let rip on Facebook:

This is an election bribe. It does nothing to address the real cause of child poverty.

When we pay people to have babies, it encourages them to grow their families when they might not be financially prepared or properly mature. In other words, Labour’s baby bonus could extend the misery of child poverty and even child abuse.

The fact is, parents who cannot afford to have children should not be having them. ACT believes in personal responsibility, meaning we stand with the majority of parents who wait and save before having children.

Get that... the Act party thinks only rich people should be allowed to have children. Because of their socio economic circumstances, Houlbrooke's bile was obviously directed at impoverished Maori, and as such is clearly racist!

What the Act party supporters need to ask themselves is do they really need a large group of poor people to look down upon just so they can feel better about themselves? Only a true sadist would answer yes!

As the world moves on the cloistered Act party is being left further behind. Newly wealthy Kiwi's aren’t interested in supporting a party with electioneering based on repression. Like most New Zealander’s, they just want to get on with their lives.

This will undoubtedly mean the Act party and their out-dated doctrine of divisive dogma will be forgotten, just like the dusty pages of some old Ayn Rand novel nobody can remember the name of.

That’s why Beth Houlbrooke wins this week’s Asshole Award for the Act party. Fascist’s like them have no place in our political system.