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5 Jul 2017

56% of Kiwis think politicians don't care

Most people who aren’t insulated away from the real world know that New Zealand is going backwards. You only have to take a look at the growing numbers of homeless people roaming the streets, the drug epidemic as well as the ever-increasing incarceration and suicide rates to see that we as a country are no longer the fair and equal society we once were.

However now that an election is coming up, politicians are trying to make us believe that they actually give a damn about the decaying society they've failed to maintain. Of course most of their rhetoric is a complete facade designed to gain votes… a pretence that a majority of Kiwis are thankfully starting to see through.

Today, the NZ Herald reported:

Political Roundup: The Election of our discontent

A political poll out yesterday shows that not all is well with the New Zealand political system and society. Recording significant levels of disenchantment with politicians and the economic system, it suggests that New Zealand might not be as insulated from the worldwide increase in radical politics and rebellion against the Establishment as might have been assumed.

The poll is covered in Henry Cooke's article, Over half of Kiwis think politics and the economy are rigged against them. This reports on an IPSOS survey, which suggests that "56% think politicians don't care", "64% think the economy is rigged", "One half want a strong leader", while "45% don't mind the way we are going" (but the rest either think the country is in decline, or aren't sure).

The survey company's Nicola Legge is quoted saying that "There definitely does seem to be some sense that there is a mood for change", and "There are also signs that as we prepare to go to the polls in September many are open to a leader that will break the mould and release us from more of the same."

The real issue for the government is have they pushed things too far? Before the hard right started to take over, the National party once stood for many of the values dear to middle New Zealand. However after many years of the destructive neoliberal agenda, National should no longer be considered a political party of the centre right.

That’s caused a number of issues for right-wing propagandists… namely that the public no longer believes government MPs have their best interests at heart. Clearly they don’t, with many politicians these days having big business agendas and vested interests that in most cases impact negatively upon the publics’ health and wellbeing.

New Zealander’s aren’t stupid! We know that the government is failing us. Let’s hope the ideologically blinded National party realises elections based on facts are preferable to a revolution.