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26 Jul 2014

A tale of two meetings...continued

Last week I pointed out the marked difference between how many people are attending National's campaign meetings compared to the Internet Mana party's and thought a follow-up on how things are going is in order. Unfortunately for National thing's aren't going so well.

I find this puzzling because with John Key's party polling at around 50% and the Internet Mana party on 3%, you would expect attendance at party events to somewhat reflect the polling. However that's not the case with numbers at the Internet Mana party's events far outnumbering anything National has to date been able to muster.

On Thursday, the Internet Party tweeted:

Great to see lots of young people engaging. Here's a good photo of Kim Dotcom high fiving people in the crowd:

Now compare that youthful audience with the bald heads at the Hutt South campaign launch for Christopher Bishop in Petone last Wednesday:

Steven Joyce's delusions of grandeur caused the usually right wing journalist Patrick Gower to exclaim; "that's not big. Please stop the spin." Defensively the deluded Minister followed up his campaign of propaganda tweets with another photo trying to show that lots of people attended.

Perhaps 20 to 30 National supporters in attendance, which is pretty pathetic when you consider that the Prime Minister himself spoke in support of the tobacco lobbyist at his campaign launch.

Now check out the huge crowd at the Internet Mana party's Wellington event:

Good to see the Internet/Mana party mobilizing some decent on the ground support.