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30 Jun 2014

No help for homeless

Nearly six years after National won the 2008 election it's becoming increasingly apparent that the neoliberal agenda they've forced upon this great country is causing some serious social and economic problems, especially for people on fix and low incomes.

While John Key is happy to cherry pick statistics that make his governance seem balanced, the real story of how National has failed New Zealand is clearly outlined in headlines like this one:

On Saturday, the NZ Herald reported:

Newborn spends first days living in car

A young mother and her newborn baby lived in a car for two days after finding themselves homeless when they were discharged from hospital.

The woman contacted the Salvation Army who has provided her with counseling and emergency housing in South Auckland over the past two weeks.

On Friday, Radio NZ also reported:

Homelessness on the rise in Auckland 
An Auckland organisation working with homeless people says the number of people coming to them for help has almost doubled in the past six months - and is continuing to climb.

Please take the time to listen to this report:

Clearly the increasing numbers of homeless people in New Zealand is becoming a serious issue. In my opinion, this type of social dysfunction should be reported on more frequently and therefore made harder for the government to ignore.

Only the most heartless person could pretend the misery that many homeless people live in doesn't matter. This travesty is made all the worse when you consider that with the right policies in place nobody in New Zealand would need to be living it rough at all.

But it's not the only problem that's getting worse under this failure of a government.

Despite the Prime Ministers claims that things are getting better under his leadership, New Zealand has experienced the fastest growth in inequality of any country in the OECD. Other socially damaging things John Key is desperate to ignore like childhood poverty have also become a lot worse since 2008.

Include stagnate wage growth and a broken social housing program and it's no wonder more Kiwis are becoming homeless. Contrary to the right wings propaganda the dysfunction outlined above has a knock on effect for the rest of country as well.

These are things that even the most ideologically blinded National supporter will be having a hard time ignoring. Even with the unrelenting propaganda of #TeamKey and their media lackeys, I suspect many people who voted for National at the last election will be changing their minds in September 2014.