Tony Abbott fucks up | The Jackal

10 Sep 2013

Tony Abbott fucks up

Today, ABC News reported:

The Coalition is already piling pressure on the Labor Party to "honour" the new government's mandate to repeal the carbon tax.

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott yesterday instructed his department to begin drawing up the legislation to dump the carbon pricing scheme, and says Federal Parliament will resume in late October or early November to deal with it.

This is a very stupid tactical move by Tony Abbott and his honchos. It effectively means that they won't be able to repeal the carbon tax system anytime soon, which is good news for the environment.

Why you might ask? Well, the new Prime Minister of Australia doesn’t have the numbers in the upper house to pass his legislation. That means any controversial policy, such as repealing the carbon tax, simply won't happen.

When the bill doesn’t pass the first attempt, Tony Abbott will have to wait three months to be able to table the bill again. Being that there is still ten months before the upper house changes and there are no guarantees that a new Senate will increase the amount of climate change deniers within Australia's government, Tony Abbott has got his agenda and time frame wrong!

The only option available to the budgie smuggler when his stupid legislation fails a second time is to initiate a double dissolution and dissolve both houses of parliament. That would cause another election for the lower and upper house, which is risky business. Abbott has arrogantly said this option is on the table.

It is understandable that Abbott wants to look decisive in pushing ahead with his environmentally damaging policies, but in this instance he's just showing the world what a complete idiot he is...something we need no further proof of thanks.