Three years on | The Jackal

4 Sep 2013

Three years on

Three years since the Christchurch earthquakes and horror stories of Christchurch families living in garages and tents continue to surface. Many families are still living in squaller and stranded in sheds or illegally overcrowding houses. Meanwhile, rental housing prices continue to increase astronomically with welfare agencies struggling to keep up with demand.

Much of Christchurch's infrastructure remains broken, not least of all over 400 kilometres of sewage pipes resulting in a huge health hazard from people coming into contact with open raw sewage. As a result of this social dysfunction, suicides in the region have almost doubled since 2008.

Three years after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake decimated Christchurch and we're still waiting for the free market to deliver...we're still waiting for the Christchurch rebuild to actually begin. What a complete failure this National led government is.