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9 Sep 2013

Another right wing thug

Yesterday, Stuff reported:

National Party MP Alfred Ngaro allegedly punched an atheist teacher at his son's school for not bowing his head during a prayer.

Ngaro, a list MP and former chairman of the Tamaki College Board of Trustees, was last week dragged into the Employment Relations Authority dispute between Tamaki College and former art teacher Christopher Scott Roy.

Seems like a pretty silly reason to attack somebody. After all, people have a right to not participate in religious functions if they wish to.

Ngaro, whose son was in the Tamaki First XV, came up to him and got "right in my face" after the prayer, Roy told the ERA hearing, eyeballing him just a few centimetres from his face.

Representatives from Kings College saw the behaviour and asked after his well-being, and if he wanted security guards present, Roy said. As he went to leave he was confronted outside by Ngaro, who lashed out at him, punching him on the back of his head.

Members of the First XV broke up the fight, Roy told the hearing.

So there are multiple witnesses to the assault.

As he was driving some of the boys home, they told him he was bleeding from the back of his head.

One of the then-Tamaki First XV members, Unaloto Pita, confirmed to the Sunday Star-Times that a scuffle had taken place involving Roy as he left the Kings College function. Pita said he did not see who assaulted the teacher.

There is little doubt that Alfred Ngaro assaulted the teacher. Let's hope the Police investigate.

Ngaro, appearing in person at the ERA hearing, categorically denied the assault.

I guess he would do that. If proven, it would effectively end his political career.

Not much of a loss really...Ngaro is about as useless as they come as far as politicians go.