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14 Aug 2011

Throwing English Out

Consider if you will the huge amount of attention given when the Speaker of the House, Lockwood Smith, threw Hone Harawera out of Parliament. That story made the Six O'clock news and was the topic of heated debate for ages.

However the MSM have remained silent on the matter of Bill English being thrown out of parliament. Likewise the RWNJ's have been quieter than a church mouse on the subject.

It was good to see Lockwood Smith dishing out some well-deserved chastisement for Nationals continued and flagrant abuse of parliamentary process. Blinglish was clearly being an arrogant tool and was out of order and summarily dismissed, and rightfully so in my opinion.

Compared to the racist fracas the right wing caused when Hone Harawera was thrown out, the amount of attention given to Bill English's abuse of Parliament seems rather hypocritical. I presume this is because many of the so called arguments they used then now apply to one of their own. You know, upholding etiquette and respecting hierarchy and all that rubbish!

So in light of the disparity of media attention between these two similar occurrences, I have uploaded the video of the Minister of Finance getting thrown out of Parliament. If you want to cut to the chase, Blinglish gets down-trowed at 7:30.

Anything that gets up Tau Henare's nose has got to be good!